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Hillbrow gets a facelift, trash that saves lives and how to take art with a pinch of salt

The merchandiser who pioneered a remarkable new art form. The longboarder freeriding to adventure. The dark city with a hidden light. Your week in Beautiful News.
This week in Beautiful News, fear opens the door to freedom. Tracey Derrick. Diagnosed with breast cancer, she stepped into the place of the marginalised she photographed. Andréa Katzeff. After a brutal accident, she overcame her fear of falling to become a competitive downhill longboarder. Leon Krige. He photographs Johannesburg at night to reveal its people’s brightest traces. Toni Mould. Cerebral Palsy couldn’t stop this athlete from becoming a World Cup winner. Percy Maimela. The merchandiser who pioneered a new form of art by accident. Oliver Brain. Waste casts a lifeline to South Africa’s homeless. This is Beautiful News.