Extraordinary things can happen to anyone. I just won my dream car

Vishal Ramsaran believes in South Africa. He believes in our people. We live in a time when negativity often surges through the nation, threatening to swallow hopes and snuff out dreams. But if there’s one thing South Africans are good at, it’s overcoming adversity. We press on, refusing to relinquish what has been achieved so far. The progressive attitude of ordinary people like Ramsaran is at the core of our identity. “Positivity has the power to uplift spirits and make a difference in people’s lives,” he says. The smallest gestures can make a massive impact.

For two decades Ramsaran has worked as an IT support technician for the same company. Right next to loyalty on his list of virtues is a profound dedication to family, and a heartfelt desire to see his country achieve its potential – for the sake of his fellow compatriots. “It’s very important to spread a positive message, because of what people are going through in our country,” he says. But maintaining this outlook can be draining. Human beings are inclined towards pessimism. Rejuvenating the soul with fresh revelations of human kindness, generosity and selflessness is paramount.

Ramsaran challenges himself to make life better for those around him. He has never asked for anything in return. But he’s been gifted with a dream well deserved – a brand new Mercedes-AMG C43. Having entered the Beautiful News competition multiple times, Ramsaran admits that he had no real expectation of success. “Winning this car proves that extraordinary things can happen to anyone, and everyone,” he concludes. Whatever the obstacle ahead, hold onto hope.